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  • Kendrick Shields
    New York
    2 Jun
    Can someone provide some insight on the best neighborhood in NJ close to NY? There is no way I can afford to live in the city, but I need an easy commute. #relocation #moving
    • your best bet IMHO are neighborhoods close to PATH train or NY Waterway, as if you really go deep into suburbs it's hard to commute. Look at Bergen Lafayette area, it's still very affordable 1BR apartments go for like 1.8k there.
  • i feel so silly asking, but can anyone provide some tips on moving to nyc? I don't know anyone else who have moved to the city. Thanks in advance! #relocation #moving
    • Hi Christina! I’m a native NYer…happy to share some tips… but I have a few questions before I point you in the right direction — Are you familiar with all 5 boroughs? I’ve lived in 2 out of 5…it’s important to identify which one suites your needs. What is important to you in your new neighborhood? What is driving the decision? If budget is your biggest constraint, it will knock some of NYC’s pricier neighborhoods, like many of those in Manhattan, out of the running. Will you commuting? Are you looking to rent or buy?
      • Aww thank you, Margaret! I am going to live in Brooklyn and I'm definitely going to be renting. I am so nervous! My move is coming up quick and I've nervous to give up my car and take the subway
  • What are the most affordable neighborhoods in NYC? I'm moving in a couple of months and I am not sure where to start looking. Excited to make the move. #relocation #moving
  • I'm moving to new york in two months. Looking for advice from people who have made the move before? #relocation #moving
    • I think if you ask a more specific question it would help. Moving is a big deal and there are ton of things to consider. If you aren't sure what to do I feel like your best bet is hire a relocation consultant
  • Avatar of Kendrick Shields
    Avatar of Kendrick Shields
    Looking for an apartment in NYC, but not sure where to start. Can someone share suggestions? How do I look for an apartment? #relocation #moving
    • Best way to start is have short list of neighborhoods. Then I would just use Streeteasy
  • Looking for some advice. I've lived in a small town my whole life. I will be moving to NYC in the fall (living in Manhattan) and I'm so nervous. Does anyone have some words of wisdom to share with me? What advice would you share with someone moving to the city for the first time? #moving #relocation
    • From someone who has moved quite a bit, I recommend to stay positive, have an open mind and have a plan! Moving, especially to a new city is very overwhelming! Staying positive as much as possible will make the experience fun and exciting! Having an open mind, especially when going to open houses will let you see the pros and cons of each apartment or home without destroying your expectations. Lastly, have your plan - it is great to look at different neighborhoods and expanding around to see what is out there. But, write down your top neighborhoods and as you visit write down the pros and cons! Is transportation near your home (always think about the weather), is there a bodega near for emergency food, medicine, paper towels, etc.. ? Good luck! You will love living in the city!
  • I have to move to NYC for work. We don't have an office, so I have some flexibility, but I'm not sure if I can afford a two bedroom. Where are the most affordable locations in the city? #moving #relocation
    • You should totally check out some of the outer boroughs. #BK and #Queens have some great options and are accessible via public transportation
  • #relocation #moving #dog Anyone move to NYC with dog? Pests can be an issue sometimes, when you are looking for an apartment to rent:( Is there anything I should be preparing for? Any advice? I would like to be near Central Park
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    Upper West Side, New York, New York, United States
    • Hi Elizabeth - Christina makes a great point. Are you open to discovering other dog friendly neighborhoods? The Where Quiz will prioritize these neighborhoods for you if you specify what is important to you (ie. dog parks, outdoor space, etc.)